A huge thank you to all organisations who are funding our research or have funded it in the past.

Our Research Funding

Active Grants

2017-2019 (TvdH 33%, with Dr A Tsaousis (PI), Dr A Buscaino) Development of CRISPR-Cas9 for genome editing in Naeglaeria gruberi Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (4975-01) - £252,997

2016-2021 (TvdH 19%, with Prof. Anne Willis (PI, Leicester), Prof. Giovanna Malucci (Cambridge), Prof. Owen Samson (Glasgow), Prof. C. Mark Smales (Kent)) Regulation of protein synthesis by elongation control in health and diseaseWellcome Trust (201487) - £1,922,000

Completed Grants

2018 (TvdH 100%) C1 feedstocks to 2-methyl succinate using novel unnatural biochemistry - C1NET (a BBSRC NiBB) - £10,000

2015-2018 (TvdH 15%, with Prof M.F.Tuite (PI) and Prof. Robert Freedman (Warwick) Quantitative analysis of the operation and control of oxidative protein folding in the yeast endoplasmic reticulum - BBSRC (BB/M009815/1) - £598,132

2014-2017 (TvdH 100%) Ribosome movement, information processing and the language of lifeLeverhulme Trust (RPG-2014-032) - £168,860

2015 -2017 (TvdH 30%, with Dr Anastasios Tsaousis (PI), Dr Alessia Buscaino) Screening and developing genetic tools for Naegleria to be used as a model for elucidating the adaptations of marine microbial eukaryotes - Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation - $147,387

2016-2017 (TvdH (PI) 100%) Predictive tools for folding-supportive sequence design - BioProNET (a BBSRC NiBB) - £9,018

2015-2016 (TvdH (PI) 60%, with Prof M.F.Tuite) Gene expression accuracy as a parameter in bioprocessing applications - BioProNET (a BBSRC NiBB) (ref) - £77,216

2010-2013 (TvdH 10%, with Prof. M.F Tuite (PI), Prof. B.J.T. Morgan, Prof. M.S. Ridout) Modelling prion dynamics in the living yeast cellBBSRC (BB/H012982/1) – £589,288

2011-2013 (TvdH 100%, with matching funding from CNRS to Dr Olivier Namy, CNRS Orsay, France) The mechanism and regulation of eukaryotic stop codon decodingRoyal Society (IJP100507) - £10,185

2010-2011 (TvdH 60%, with Dr D.F. Chu) Systems optimisation of host cell tRNA usage and codon decoding for the improvement of bioprocessing parametersBBSRC (BB/I010351/1) - £66,449

2010-2011 (TvdH 100%) The regulation of mRNA decoding accuracy in mammalian cellsRoyal Society (RG090785) – £12,960

2007-2010 (TvdH 20%, with Prof. C.M. Smales (PI), Prof. M.F. Tuite, Dr. M.J. Carden, Dr P. Klappa) Characterisation of post-transcriptional constraints that determine rP yield during bioprocessing in mammalian cellsBBSRC (BB/E005969/1) – £987,761

2005-2009 (TvdH 100%, with Prof. M.F. Tuite (Sponsor)) Kinetic principles of translational control in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeWellcome Trust (075438) – £405,539