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Resources for Learning R

R is a powerful programming language/ statistical package/ data wrangling and anlaysis tool. You can install it via one of the many Comprehensive R Archie Network (CRAN) mirror sites. I recommend using R with the free RStudio, which provides a lot of added functionality to the basic R program. If you want to learn R, the following links may help:

The R Studio Cheat Sheets, posters listing commands, shortcuts etc. by theme

Quick-R, a reference site with good explanations and examples for many R functions

R-bloggers, a site with news and tutorials about R

Explore different types of data visualistion at the R Graph Gallery

If you are on Twitter, why not follow @RLangTip for one R tip a day - a great way to get regular doses of inspiration and tips. And of course you could follow Mr R himself, @hadleywickham

Yeast Molecular Biology Resources

The Saccharomyces Genome Database (SGD)

The Saccharomyces Phosphoprotein Database

The BioGrid, a database of protein:protein interactions

Resources related to our lab:

Our plasmids on Addgene

The Kent Fungal Group pages


Tobias' personal pages:

Staff Page at the University of Kent

ORCID page (Open Researcher ID)

Publons page (Journal Review Activity)

Twitter: @HaarTv